Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Bie: Thank you! :D
Hahahahs, can't afford to get sick man!

Jasmine: Hahahaas, yes! 4 days consecutively!
I'm totally going mad, And this few days so relax
and always going shopping and spending money! LOL!

Anon2: They're all paid assignments. (:
Woo la la! Hahahahs.

Qi: I'm doing some freelance modelling dear. :D

Sher: This saturday arh, I'm not sure where
i'll be after i finish distributing the candies
to all the spree-ers leh, I tell you again alright dear? (:
And how do you know i dyed my hair even before i blog?
Wth, are you psychic or what!

Hi: Hello dear, Yes, Gojane's shoesize
are the same as charles & keith. Love gojane too! Hehehe.

Anon1: Hahahas,
somebody say i look like i got dick previously,
then now i look man? Yeah loh, i transexual mar. LOL!

Nicole: Hey dear, chat on msn! :D

Fidelisfan: whooo, i've got a fan.
LOLS! Sorry uh, have been buuuusy.

Sher: Hahahas, oooh yeah.

Yelrihs: Hahahahs, Yo nanny!
Aiyah, get used to it lah!

We girls have an endless list of things that we
wanna waste our money on anyway. :x

Someone you know: Hey there, really?
But my mum wants me to go there leh,
wants me to go register for class this friday alrdy. ):

G: Hahahas, yeah, or else how people view your
pictures and choose you for shoots?

Hey there people! :D
I've been so buuusy with shoots, shopping and slaaacking.
I've no school for the next 2 months
because my instructor is on vacation,

Woo la laaaaa, After 4 days straight of photoshoots,
I finally had time to really rest for this 3 days.

Tomorrow, there's a shoot with shirley &felicia at Sentosa,
Friday, I've a RED theme shoot.
Saturday, I've a shoot in the morning.

Me, My horrible barbie doll blonde streaks & felicia!
She's my cousin! Look alike? hehehe

Felicia accompanied me to my shoot on saturday,
we went arnd parkway parade to shop arnd 1st
before heading to the studio.

Met up with Apple to go to PureColourStudio

to retouch my hair colour,
We're super sway yesterday loh,
I think the stylist forgot my appointment,
then went we reached there, nobody was there!

wth wth wth! then somemore the salon is like 49th floor loh.
Take lift up and down so many times to check
back and see if anybody's there yet.

We both feel so stupid lah! lol!

Then i was damn fed up so i was like,
"argh forget it lah, i wanna go monsoon to dye my hair."

So when we wanna walk to the mrt,
which is like just across the street,

Suddenly rain damn heavily lah! -.-

So the both of us went to watson
& bought ourselves an umbrella each.
We're officially aunties, umbrellas okay!

And when we step out of the building,
like only drizzling lah! CCCCCCB!

Then when we're at the MRT,
I wanted to take out my coach wristlet to tap my card,
And i think i pull too hard and it hooked to my phone,
And my poor phone flew out and was flung to one far end.

then finally we got to the train,

and we happily board the train luh,
Then after 1-2 stops we realize we took the wrong train!
Wth wth wth! Please lah, you tell me sway or not!

Finally settled down at Novena Sq's TCC and had our brunch.

And my meatballs taste like shit! damn effing hard lah.
I think TCC's standard is going dooooown. ):

Apple's damn happy cos she's really happy.
went to monsoon to look for raymond
&did our hair & manicure there!
Apple's damn moody cos her hair is all fucked up

when she went to china and cut her hair there,
the lady cut her hair until like shit!

Then she was like,
" That chinapussy lah, see now
my hair so ugly, yadda yadda."

She's damn entertaining lah.

I coloured my hair dark violet black,
Did a colour saver treatment &

raymond gave me a free scalp treatment. :D
Great to be a regular! hehehehe.

The lady who did my manicure at monsoon

accidentally pushed my cuticle too far in & it keep bleeding,
It's like sore and red now. Ewwww, pain. ):
I've like small tiny fingernails like a kid all along
and it looks so funny with nail polish on now. Hehehe.

And i spent 170 ++ at monsoon, for dying my hair,

colour saver treatment, and manicure.

Shopping with apple and met shawn,
So we shopped tgt for abit and had dinner.
I bought a Teal Scarf, Maybelline Volume Express mascara.

My hair looks so much healthier right! :D

And the candies arrived today! Horray!

But i'm damn disappointed with the supplier lah,
He messed up my orders and shipping me one
box less of livesavers, and shipped me the
400pieces tootsie rolls instead of the 560pieces one.
Wth. Seriously man. Now i gotta refund refund refund.

Pissed me off!

Packed and ready to go.
Spree-ers, if you've received my mail, do reply asap,
don't wanna have so much candies in my room,
ltr all the ants come luh!

Meet up sessions, This saturday/Next tuesday,
5.30pm at Orchard MRT.
Those who wants them by mail, Do reply with your address.

Okay, Need to sleep early tonight,
tmr's shoot is like 9am. Argh, Tiring loh.
Goodnight darlings! :D

Sunday, January 27, 2008

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Mystery: Hahahas,
that's really cheese-y! LOLS!

Sher: It's coming soooon, So hang on babe! :D
Hahahas, what show? Spop arh?
Or the Maria not at home?

Hello: Don't worry about that, the photographer
will guide you with your poses esp since you're a 1st timer.
If you're interested, do email me asap!

Anon1: Dunno leh, Really disappointed loh.
Like my english and chinese all these nvr change at all,
still B4, and B3. Super sucks lah.

Bie: Did you see me at suntec convention hall?
I didnt see you but my boyf noticed two girls was looking at me. =/

But anyway, I had a photoshoot this morning,
So studio makeup is always frigging thick. (:
And i wasn't feeling well, so i was freaking pale,
even take pictures i see myself i also find it kinda scary.

Hahahas thanks! the red top is from forever21,
that's not my highest pair of heels! hahahahas.

Please don't even try to get use to me
wearing cheongsum okay,
If it looks very normal on me then die alrdy,
I become auntie alrdy loh like that!

I totally overslept this morning,
i had like 3 alarm clocks,
not even including my phone's alarm.
But yet i still can oversleep!
I practically jumped into the bath and
prepared in a amazing speed of 20mins lah!

totally bad way to wake up. :x
And the worst thing was the
photographer called me then i woke up.
Like seriously, i felt so so so so so bad
i couldn't stop apologizing.
Darling fetched me to the studio at katong area,
then accompanied me through the shoot.

Then after the shoot we went for brunch, then shoooooopping!
Finally got time to spend my pocket full of $$$!
HAHAHAHAS, So we 1st went to Vivocity,
I bought a pull & bear top with a satin ribbon in front,
Boyf thought it looked kinda cute. heh.

And as usual, i bought Starburst caaaandies!
Hehehe, Sweet tooth me.

We're gluttons, The whole place is cramped with
our fruit juice, chocolates, starburst sweets, panadol. etc etc. :x

My boy's trying to be an idiot. heh.

I didnt really like my lancome foundation,
So i went to buy another bottle of the euttasais
foundation i used previously. I know i know!

Shirley goh's going to say that i'm buying
new things & forgetting old things again!
But it's really very wasteful leh really,
The lancome foundation which i didnt even
use alot of, 63bucks! :x

Bought a Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit.
The male sales assistant tried and covered my dark
eye rings with it and i thought it was pretty good.
Need it for my photoshoots too,
The previous consealer i used sucked!

Ettusais foundation: S$51
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit: S$57

And anyway uh, I seriously dunno which idiot is so kaypoh.
And went to tell my mum i went for bikini shoot.
Big mouth uh, this kinda people?

Have another shoot tomorrow afternoon after church,
Felicia's accompanying me to the shoot!
Long long long time since i've saw and chat with her man,
i miss her so much! :D

HELP NEEDED! Ladies; Read this:

A photographer (Ryazen) is searching
for models for TFCD shoots in order
to revamp his portfolio.

Please take note that it'll be an indoor studio shoot. (:
Themes are as followed:

  1. Bikini Fashion/Lifestyle, for e.g. Bikini outfits in a studio setting with appropriate props to portray a lifestyle feel.
  2. Lingerie Glamour/Provocative, for e.g. Various lingerie outfits, coupled with different external wear like scarves, buttoned shirts, ties, to create a glamour or provocative feel.

Do email me at,
for interested parties.

Mobile Number:
Ht & Wt:
Vital Stats:
Dates available:

(Girls, don't ask me if you can qualify for the shoot,
I'm sure you can, just email me details to me directly.
Do attach some pictures of yourself too!
Please fill in all details.)

For now, It's time to sleeeeep,
And look good for tomorrow's shoooooot!
Goodnight loves! (:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Sher: Hahahas, nice or not?
The frosting's so yummy right,
can't help but dip my fingers into
the frosting and taste them! *Drools!*
Hhahahas, flat also can one luh,
You mean people with flat boobs don't wear bikini meh?

Anon4: Will update with what products
i used for that look in my next post alright!
(if i'm not as busy as this few days! hehehe)
I love shu eumura's blushes!
Stays really well compared to the other blushers i've tried.
Samantha: Hey darling, i ordered the VS top thru a spree!
And you can email in the format at the bottom
of my post to my gmail and i'll get you some photoshoots!

Anon3: That person is too bored i guess.
can't do anything about it as well.
but thanks for telling! (:
Anon2: Watch out for something called Karma.

Sher: Awww darling, just ignore that kinda people.

Hello: Hey darling just send your details to me
with the format at the bottom of my post!

Curious: It was disappointing,
I'm considering MDIS thou. (:

Mystery: Whatever whatever. (:
Anon1: Hougang area,
Do email me if you want the address of my facial place!

Amy: Hahahahas, makeup session.
Cannot make it lah, I dunno why but when
i makeup for people it always turns out like shit.
I guess i only know what'll look best on
myself but not on others. =/

G: Try the brocolli, brown rice thing!
And do email your details to my gmail,
You can find my gmail address on the bottom of the post! (:
Yeah i will when i receive the pictures! hehe

I'm seriously tired man,
I'm having photoshoots for like consecutively 4 days.
Smile smile smile until my face also gonna be so craaaaaamp.
But again, With my pocket full of cash.
Woo la la! :D

Felicia's gonna accompany me to sunday afternoon's shoot
oooooh yay! :D Finally have some time to
have a nice chat with my beloved childhood friend!

I've been talking to like seriously so many
photographer i can't even rmb names of what
kinda shoot i'm doing with them. =/
It's like totally embarassing when i like chat with them on msn,
Then suddenly i don't rmb their name and i have to ask.
Super, paiseh!

Anyway o's results was disappointing & i'm considering MDIS,
Anybody from MDIS anyway?
Give me some comments about the school!

Ordered two bikinis from victoria secret afew days ago:

Did a cheongsam shoot yesterday evening,
At Ann Siang Hill, Fred perry!
Almost felt like going for some shoooopping session.
Now, pocket full full, no time to shop. Wthhhhh.

Haven't receive the pictures from the photographer,
Will post up the pictures when i receive them. (:

And i got bitten to death by the mozzie at ann siang park.
Note to self: Must remember to bring mozzie patches
next time when doing outdoor shoot!

Today i had a shoot at like 9am, and i had to wake up at 7am

HELP NEEDED! Ladies; Read this:

A photographer (Ryazen) is searching
for models for TFCD shoots in order
to revamp his portfolio.

Please take note that it'll be an indoor studio shoot. (:
Themes are as followed:

  1. Bikini Fashion/Lifestyle, for e.g. Bikini outfits in a studio setting with appropriate props to portray a lifestyle feel.
  2. Lingerie Glamour/Provocative, for e.g. Various lingerie outfits, coupled with different external wear like scarves, buttoned shirts, ties, to create a glamour or provocative feel.

Do email me at,
for interested parties.

- Name
- Mobile Number
- Ht & Wt
- Vital Stats
- Age
- Bikini/Lingerie/Both
- Dates available

(Girls, don't ask me if you can qualify for the shoot,
I'm sure you can, just email me details to me directly.
Do attach some pictures of yourself too!)

And best of all, tmr's shoot is at 9am too!
OH YAY, I'm dead, Need my sleep now,
Gotta go darlings.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Anon2: Thanks for your advice!

Mystery: Maybe, Maybe not. (:

ThyDowager: Sure thing, talk to you on msn!
Roaringqueen: Hahahas, Hello again! :x

Anon1: Peggy and Winnie.
Do you mind leaving me your email so i can
discuss it with you on msn about it or sth?

Jasmine: Oh shit, That really sucks!
Thanks dear, Show me your pictures
when the photographer's send you yeah? (:
Mystery: Hahahas, thanks for your compliment,
I never ever said i wanna be a washing board!

Ckp: -.-

Sher: Hahahas, grow lor grow loh!
Later too tall hard to find boyf,
it's okay, i love my height!
*hides behind and sobs*

May: Which may are you, dear?
Thanks! Will check it out. (:

Ying: Hey dear, i can't view your pictures,

No idea why! Why check it out tmr again. :D

Felicia: Hey dear, My receipe books are just shipped ooout!
Woolala, baking baking together!

Doodle: Hey dear, they'll be reaching in 5-8 days!

Jojo: Alright dear! (:

Jean: Hahahas, i look like i've a dick?
Yeah yeah whatever, i'm a trans really, Really.

It's like 4.00am & i'm still here blogging.
Oh maaaaan, i've finally cleared all my emails
from many many photographers!
Many TFCD and paid assignments and
i'm really really really happy.
cash cash baby!

No need to do tough events and get
papercut and all anymore!
Whoooo yeah!

Thursday i'm having a Cheongsum theme photoshoot,
at night @chinatown. I think it's gonna be really cool.

Cheena fidelis. blah.

And i'm having 2 paid assignments on sunday & tuesday!
I'm reeeally really happy. :D
I really need to get a proper organizer, with my goldfish memory,
i think i might just forgot and mess up all my schedule.

My Bloody pink/blonde hair! =/

Went shopping with florella and her boyf the other day,
bought a dress that cost me $70 bucks but i really like it!
wanted to eat at this japanese restaurant at fareast,
but the queue was too long so we had kobayashi instead.

I had to go collect the damn big box
of Gundam for darling at cityhall,
Got him to fetch me from cityhall cos i look totally
ridiculous with the damn big box
then we went to his house and i taught his sister & mum
how to put fake eyelash!HAHAAHAHS!
they were like damn cute.

Bought a babydoll top from Victoria Secret. (:

Anyway, Any girls interested to do
TFCD photoshoots for photographer Ryazen?
(He did mine and shirley's bikini shoot)

Theme: Bikini/Lingerie

If you're interested, do email me at
with this format, and afew pictures of yourself attached.

Mobile Number:
Ht & Wt:
Vital Stats:
Dates available:

Thanks girls! (:

Okay, I really really need to sleep,
I've a photoshoot tmr afternoon with bilaz.
goodnight girls!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

i spend money buying anything he also will nag one,
Unless it's for him! but no leh, he'll nag and
say don't need to spend so much also. -.-

Yelrihs: Heheh, No leh. Where got so baaaad loh!
i got wear old clothes one hor! :x
(Wear old clothes go hse downstairs walk)

Bobby: Hahahas, damn gay lah.
Initially i got blur when i saw your tag.
what i cheated you hahahahas.
You blur blur luh, big time sotong!

Jasmine: My hair is not spoilt still smooth and stuff.
But i can't stand it when the colour fades so much!
Now it's really pink, Pink and bloooonde-ish.

Oh, wtf. But what did your hairdresser do!
You must be so pissed luh,
that time i permed my hair also spoil, Super pissed loh.

Sher: Hahahas, you send your nicest picture
to me i show Lucas and ask him if he wanna do your hair luh.
But photoshoot, your hair quality must be very good.

i've got this really tiny but really pricky dog
fur in the top of my middle finger
Anybody knows how to get rid of it?
They say use needle dig it out! 0.0!!!
This is freaking me out, and it hurts when i touch it okay. ):

And i'm retouching my haircolour on
Tuesday at PureColourStudio. Oh hurray. :D
It's like Pink/Blonde now. This is so Xiaxue.

Yesterday Shirley came to my facial place &did a facial there,
Wanted to do spa pedicure but the girl doing
the nails was having off that day. ):
So i did my back treatment instead.

I've really bad backacne problem. Sigh.
Hehehe, i think me and boyf we're like damn boliao.
It's like ahlarmak we're tgt for like
3 years plus alrdy no image alrdy.
Then he always help me clear my back acne! HAHAHAS!

Then i'll be squirming and grabbing the pillow
and screaming cos it hurts so much! o.0
I don't even know why i'm saying about this either.
So gross. HAHAHAAS.

Okay, back to topic.
Anyway, After our facial/backtreatment.
We went to AMK Hub to collect the Jay Chou
concert tickets Shirley Goh won!
Effing lucky lah, dunno what kinda luck is that!
HAHAHAS, buy ciggie buy until got free Jay's tickets.

Then we went to town and met up with
my cheeeena piang girlf, yq.

Woolala, Jay Chou.
But she sold it on auction for 220sgd!
Lucky bitch! Hahahahahas!

Shopped around taka & i bought
my Shu Uemura Blusher, S$40
And Shiseido's fine eyeliner, S$52.

Shirley was like, "eh you siao, you buy this alrdy
confirm won't use your jill stuart blusher alrdy loh!"
But but but.. this shade suits me alot better leh!

And they were to lazy to shop so we had dinner at cine,
The korean bbq restaurant at B1.
I loooove the fried chicken! :x

Yq's and her usual, SALAD blah bah.
And i'm always stealing her tomatoes!
Eh no, scratch off steal.
She feeds me the tomatoes!

Shirley and i had the same stuff.
We were reaaally really irritated by this purple girl lah!
we were sitting beside their table,

And she laughed and talked frigging loud.
Like, shouting lidat leh. Siao, Scared people deaf meh.
It's like even after we show very obvious signs
that we're very disturbed with the level of sound she
and her friends are producing, They don't even care!
Omg. Then we change tables luh,
I can't eat with this kinda crap going on man.

(Stolen from shir's blog. Teeheehee!)

I love my new eyeshadow from MakeUpStore,
Microshadow, Shade: City Jungle, S$26.

My fat chubby cheeks! (:

I ordered two receipe book from today:

  1. - Cookie Craft
  2. - Junior's Cheesecake Cookbook:50 To-Die-For Recipes for New York-Style Cheesecake
(Click to check it out!)

My Boy's gonna be the luckiest dude in the
wooooorld when these yummy loots arrive. :D
Looking at the comments itself made me wanna drool alrdy.
Want my Cookies? Want my Cheeeesecake?

I'm having a photoshoot with shirley tomorrow evening,
Afternoon, gotta go town to meet YQ,
Shirley to collect our pay.

PS: I've got a friend who's very experience in teaching drums,
at a low rate of $120 for 4 per hr lessons (studio fees inc.)
He's 21, with 4years experience.
Do contact Joachim @ 90183088.

then shooooop abit and go for photoshoot.
I'm just done with my face mask, Sleeping now!
Goooodnight loves. (:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Anon2: Hahaha! Never seen ayumi before,
that's damn funny!

Cara: Yes! I love it too & i wish the frigging purple

would just stick to my head for good.
It's fading like crazy alrdy. ):

Anon1: Omg, there is like so many anon
anon1, anon2, anon3 in my blog. 0.o"
Have post what i normally use for whitening below! (:

Sher: Hurh! Strangle me also no use!
You ask the whatever that's shipping
our candies to be faster lah tsk!
I'm using Nivea's whitening foam.

Amy: Hey dear, that white grecian trim low v-neck top yes?
I bought it from ASOS,
Including shipping was arnd 50-60 SGD. :x

Nice right! I love it so much that i always wear it
Shirley says i'm so mean cos when
i have sth new and i love it alot
i'll forget about all my old stuff.
Like cosmetics, Clothes. :x

Passerby: Fake eyelashes!
I think eyelash extensionsare pretty stupid.
Can't use mascara, keep dropping,
i even see some of my friends one like,
the lashes poking in all direction. Very ugly leh!

Gwen: Do you miss me gweeeeen? :D
I miss you! I wanna go camp with you!
*Pouts, cos we needa wait till 2009*
Shuuuucks, Meet me up soon?
Let's go to holland V! I want my favourite cinnamon bun!

Passerby: Hello dear! I got it from
Really cute right! Like CanCan skirts.

I'm so saaaaad, my hair is like fading crazily faaaaast.
It's like, brownish base with light purple-pink highlights
I'm giving it a max of 2 weeks
before it fades to pink completely!

Thank god i can go back and do the
colour touch-up for freeeee. :D
Great thing for being hair model for them!

Below's a short list of products i use for whitening purposes.
(not including eyegel & all the shit)

HABA WHITE LADY, Available in Takashimaya.
It's a whitening essence recommended by pretty daphy!

Kose Sekkisei Lotion, Kose's best whitening product.
You can use it as a toner or soak up a mask cube
and use as a whitening/hydrating mask!
I highly recommend this product,
only use this as a mask cos it's pretty
costly to use to in the long run. :x

Kose Mask White
I really like this product too!
Face feels really clean and it really helps with whitening
it's somehow satisfying, peeling the mask off,
like, fun luh! I know, sickoooooo me.

Laneige Star White Multi-Protector.
SPF 40/PA+++, Totally essential in sunny Singapore!
Furthermore, it has whitening effects and
works as a makeup base too.

I think this as a makeup base is so much better than
Shu Uemura's UV Base which has won so many awards.
It even made me breakout luh and it feels kinda oily, Gross!

I'm thinking of trying out Laneige's Starwhite eyecream too.
My dark eyerings are totally shiaaaaty.
But i can't help with my eyebags cos i'm born with them.
Shuuucks. ):

And i'm in love with my new blog song. :D
I love Joss Stone!

Just Cry Baby Cry
(Don't cry no more)
Cause every tear that flows falls into the ocean
And rises to the sky
And then the rain will come
Right before the sun shines...

Went out with Shirley, Yuanqing today, Girlfriend day!
Bought some coooosmetics! Hehehe!
(Boyf's nagging again, Virgos virgos, Nag nag nag)
Blogger is pissing me off and i can't upload any pictures
So i'll blog about it tmr.

& i bought like 10bucks worth of JeeeeellyBean!
Yummy! :D

I'm having this class gathering this coming friday
Cos our ex-form teacher's migrating
& i'm frigging excited!
I mean, i haven't seen my classmates for a year!
I use to be really scared of her cos she's damn fierce,
I'm not the naughty type of student okay,
Damn good girl one luh!

Then the other day i was told of the class gathering,
then that night i dreamt of being scolded by her!
omg! *cold sweats*

Damn random, but today Brandon told me
he's working at some Bak Kwa place!
I was like so frigging tickled when i saw his msg:
"I'm working at White Sands, Peng Bak Kwa. Haha"
Like so uncle lah!
Then previously he's like working at Toys "R" us.
That crazy ass!

Ordered some stuff from Forever21 today:

Heritage Pointelle Top

Matte Scallop Chandelier Earrings

I've got school tmr, I want to frigging graduate soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Anon3: I did it for free,
They sponsered for the haircut and dye then.

Plus the photographer is my personal friend,
So it's like just doing a favor for them. (:
But the stylist is really expensive man,
i found out the other day,
One haircut from him is arnd S$180?
Plus he does hair for celebrity so i think it's pretty cooool!

Mystery: Hahahas, I guess it's the nude lips luh.
The stylist does makeup too, so he did partly my makeup.

Anon2: Yeah i know, that was at Lunar last week.
She's my boyfriend brother's friend.

Xiaomei: Hahahahahas, damn kua zhang luh you.
I seriously dunno why all stylist like to do all

these creative styles for me.

Jasmine: Thanks dear! Hahahahs,
i'll have a hard time keeping it long again. -.-
But whatever, got to try new hairstyles when i'm yooooung!
Or else old alrdy then do all these let people laugh.

Samantha: HAHAHAS! Are you working like everyday?
which shop are you working ar uh!

Must spring a surprise visit! :D

Anon1: Thanks for your compliment!
But i find it weird when i can't smile when i take pictures.
Like waaaaay so weird. weird. weird.

HTguy: That's so weird,
but that's what my boyf told me this morning!
WHY ALIKE WITH AYUMI, Ayumi is plaaaastic loh!

Yelrihs: Eh, surprisingly she was like, hmmm not bad lah.
Nicer than the zona felice photoshoot hair.

Gwen: Hey darling i missed you too,
When can i finally meet you?
Very busy with school nowadays? (:

G: Yeah i was a fat kid! HAHAHAHAS
All thanks to the yummies grandma cooked everyday
when i was under her care in primary school!

I tried cambridge diet before and it's totally sucked.
Please don't go drinks those diet milkshake crap.
Lose weight but seriously taste like shit loh.
And i rmb i ate alot of brocolli cos i looove them!
Hmmm, actually not much leh,
do toning exercise, eat brocolli and brown rice.
That's like so so many years ago man!

FlorellaAng came to my place after school
yesterday cos she's feeling emo,
And we chatted for awhile and my boy text me
and ask me if i wanna join him and his sister's
friends for some midnight "prawn-ing"

So we both went, and it's was sooooo boring!

Boyf's sister was like, "take this fishing rod,
number 88 leh! Lucky lucky uh!"

Damn hilarious lah.

I think they're really very poor thing actually.
So i just caught one and i didnt wanna catch anymore.

The disgustingly huge big head prawn my boy caught.

And this uncle beside us is daaaamn super,
He keep getting all the prawns!
I really wonder what's his special tatic that
makes all the silly prawns swim towards his fishing rod!

His bait more yummy meh! Hurh!

Then his daughter is like damn cute,
She wanted to hold the prawns by the "beard" of the prawn
(or whatever you wanna call it okay,
i've no idea what's that piece of crap called!)

Then he gave his daughter alrdy,

she walk walk walk afew steps then she drop the prawn
on the floor and run to daddy

Daughter: "DADDY THE PRAWN MOVE!" *starts crying*

Like damn casual lah,

while the daughter is like damn freaked out and crying
It's like damn funny cos the prawn is
still lying on the floor, untouched.
Damn pathetic lah,

So we got bored and we dragged a couple of chairs
and we had a heart-to-heart talk the whole night.
Sleeeepy loh, they catch catch catch until arnd 2.45am to 3am?
Eyelids are like so so heavy alrdy.

See, So weirdo sicko guy took a candid of us!
Sit so far away still wanna take, crazy luh!

We ewnt out pretty early today,
Like 1pm, i mean like come'oooon.
it's SATURDAY man.
Saturday afternoons are lazy, lethargic and
meant to be staying at home and get hugged
by boyfriend in bed and watching dvds, tv.

But no choice, i gotta go meetup this girl to
get my heels i bought from!

Carl's jr!
We're like the ultimate gluttons.
I had the portobello mushroom burger
And he had this avocado sauce whatever burger.
I totally detest avocado! Protest against avocado!

I looooove my food! :D
Who cares about calories when i'm so happy and satisfied!

My Supercute, glutton-y boyfriend.


We went to Ann Siang Road after i collected my heels.
Shop shop shop shop.

I bought two bottles of Victoria Secret's BodySplash
in My Desire, Pure Seduction.
Come quiccccckly, i love their body splash,
makes me skin really smooooth after
spritzing some on after bath! Smells so good too.

And my Victoria Secret spree stuff finally coooome alrdy!
I want it quiccccck. :D

Okay, gotta wake up at 8plus tmr for church.
Goodnight loves.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Hello guuuuuuys!
Met up with rocky for dinner and to get the raw copies
of my photoshoot pictures 2 days ago.
Went to Suki sushi and had dinner,
And it's like damn funny. I think i laughed my appetite away.

Excited to see my bubblegum highlights?
HAHAHAHAS! it's so so kinky!
And again, i'm not allowed to smile. -.-
Lucus Wang was the one who cut and dyed my hair.
Both Lucus and Jerry Yu did the styling for the photoshoot.
It's funny cos the name lucas reminds me of my boy's
stupid mini pincher who likes to hump people! (eeeewww)

And BY THE WAY, I'm not Naked in the pictures below.
So if these as-if-i'm-naked pictures
would hurt your dear precious eyes
Please frigging don't scroll down okay!

I was just messing around with bobby on msn that
i'm actually stark naked when i took these pictures.
And he was like, "wth, your boyf don't mind meh!"
HAHAHAHAS! So guilible, silly! :x

And of cos, if i return home with that bubblegum pink highlight,
I'll be sweep out of my very doorstep,
so i got my purple highlights again!
Purple again, why always purple!
So after dye, pose, snap, pose, snap again!

One of the Zona Felice advertisment shots
2 months ago that i've just received.

I bought like 3 pairs of heels yesterday.
I'm like so dead.

School tmr, 6more hours left to sleep.
Sleeeeepyhead me, Goodnight all! (: